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"Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be open unto you." Matthew 7:7
Inspirational Thoughts 

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"Because" By Bishop T.D. Jakes

Just because someone may not have
realized what a gold mine you are,
doesn't mean you shine any less. Just
because someone may not have realized
that you can't be topped, doesn't stop
you from being the best. Just because
no one has come along to share your
life, doesn't mean that day isn't
coming. Just because no one has made
this race worthwhile, doesn't give you
permission to stop running. Just
because no one has realized how much of
an awesome person you are, doesn't mean
they can affect your
femininity/mascalinity. Just because no
one has shown up who can love you on
your level, doesn't mean you have to
sink to theirs. Just because you
deserve the very best there is, doesn't
mean that life is always fair. Just
because God is still preparing your
king/queen, doesn't mean that you're
not already a Queen/King. Just because
your situation doesn't seem to be
progressing right now, doesn't mean you
need to change a thing. Keep shining,
keep running, Keep hoping, Keep
praying, Keep being exactly what you
are already . . .COMPLETE!!

Send this on to your friends who need
to keep on doing what they do best.


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